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Verteld Verleden is a project supported by the grant scheme ‘Digitalisering met Beleid‘. Goal of the project is to show how access to Oral History collections can be improved by the use of modern technology. Point of departure is that collection management should stay with the owners of the collections spread over -in the Dutch case- The Netherlands. On the basis of broad experience in various pilot projects and using the technical infrastructure that is steadily progressing in The Netherlands thanks to various initiatives in the past decade, Verteld Verleden builds an Oral History internet portal. This portal has an informative component and a practical component. The informative component provides background information on modern access technologies, links to relevant initiatives elsewhere, and supplies content owners with step-by-step plans to get to work with modern access technologies. The practical component shows how the use of this technology could function by providing access to distributed collections of the consortium via a central access point, in this case the Verteld Verleden website. Verteld Verleden seeks to link up with interested collection owners, researchers and users among others via workshops that will be organized in The Netherlands. Firstly to pass on knowledge available with project partners on modern day access technology, but maybe even more important, to collect feedback from real-life users on how the technology should be shaped to address real-life needs.

Roeland Ordelman
project manager Verteld Verleden
contact: rordelman at beeldengeluid dot nl

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